P365 Day 121 – unexplored avenues, sunday selections and a challenge

Today’s post attempts to be three things: my picture of the day, a photo challenge and some ‘Sunday Selections’ project.

First: the challenge.

Earlier in the week my Twitter buddy @samedog suggested a challenge to another tweep, @wisie, who was saying he hadn’t taken many photos recently. The challenge was for @wisie to take ten photos of his town over the weekend and post them by Monday. @samedog was going to do the same in Hobart.

I thought it sounded like fun, so I said I’d join in and take ten photos of my town. @wisie wasn’t able to do it this weekend, so @samedog and I went ahead. The idea was just to get out there and take some photos, no rules but a theme would make things a bit easier.

I somehow managed to wake up just after 5am on Saturday morning, having decided to get up at 6am and go for a walk, watch the sunrise (which was absolutely beautiful and worth getting up for even if I hadn’t taken any pictures) and see what might be interesting to photograph. I took my phone with me, which I’m very grateful for, because my camera batteries died after about five photos and my backups were flat . . . this has never happened to me before. I’ve always been obsessive about carrying backup batteries, so now I know why I should always make sure my spare batteries are charged.

Anyway I didn’t worry about it too much. After all my whole blog is about iphoneography, so what better opportunity to see what it could do?

I spent two hours wandering around taking pictures of whatever took my fancy. I deliberately tried to avoid autumn colours, since I’d taken photos on that theme a couple of weeks ago. This time I focused more on buildings, and as I walked around I started to notice things that I’d never seen before, or had never paid much attention to – a bit like my Look Up post back in January.

So here are my ten photos. Some are pretty stereotypical images of buildings in our town that I have tried to give a twist to through some filters and tweaking, and some are of things that might be noticed a bit less often. So my theme is ‘unexplored avenues’.

The photo I wish I could have
taken last weekend

I always wanted to take
photos of this house


One of the pubs

The Close



I loved how I could see a hint of
red leaves through this gate

Road Closed

So that’s my ten photos. It was hard narrowing it down to ten, and there are times I wished my phone had (a) an optical zoom and (b) some sort of aperture control. While it can do a lot, it’s still a fixed lens camera and it was never going to be as good as my ‘real’ camera.

You can see @samedog’s photos on the theme of ’empty premises beat empty promises (just)’  here

Sunday Selections

Over at Frogspondrock, bloggers are sharing unseen photos – go and check them out and post your own too! These photos are my contribution for this week.

Photo of the Day

The whole idea of my blog is a photo a day on my phone. But all of these were taken yesterday, so they don’t count.

Today’s job was to edit them and sort them.

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