P365 – Day 113 memories

Juniordwarf’s room is also home to some of Slabs’ and my stuff that hasn’t really had a home anywhere else in the house. I remember the top cupboard of the wardrobe in my room as a child served a similar purpose.

Today we spent the whole day going through all that stuff and trying to make the room a bit more functional for a 4 year old. This included the construction of some new shelves.

One of the hidden treasures that Slabs found was a scrapbook of his family history, which is now stored with the rest of the family albums. When we moved here (before I started scrapbooking and creating many many albums) we didn’t really have an album storage space, so this sort of thing got stored a bit haphazardly around the house.

Slabs was very excited to show Juniordwarf some photos of his ancestors, and of himself and his sisters as young children.

Someone recently commented that Juniordwarf looked a lot like Slabs at the same age, so here are a couple of photos – what do you think?

Slabs age 5

Juniordwarf age 4

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