P365 Day 109 – washing up and other helpful jobs

Continuing on with the theme of Juniordwarf helping out, on Saturday night I was stunned when he said he wanted to help me wash up after I’d been cooking dinner.

He hadn’t shown any interest in helping me cook which, if he wants to help with anything, is what he normally wants to help with. He’d spent most of the time I was cooking playing with the messiest and hardest to clean up craft activities he had, which, I’ll admit, was a little annoying when I was trying to cook something that was fairly time-consuming.
To his credit though, he then came over, got the cloth, wet it and attempted to clean up the mess without me asking him to. This was a first time he’d ever taken upon himself to clean up his own mess. Win!
Anyway, once I started washing up, Juniordwarf got out his stepladder, set it up in front of the sink and said he wanted to help. I was completely amazed! He refused all offers of help, which meant there was a little re-washing to do, and he stuck with it right to the end.
If that wasn’t unexpected enough, last night after dinner he announced that he had to tidy up in the lounge room before he went to bed.
Slabs and I just stood and looked at each other, speechless. 
Getting Juniordwarf to pack up at night has been one of the most frustrating parts of the day for years, and has been subject to many ‘consequences’, none of which have worked. This initiative was completely out of the blue – and very, very welcome.
After dinner tonight, he decided he wanted to do the washing up again.
Who was I to stop him?
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