P365 – Day 99 at the footy

Today was the second round of the football competition that our local team plays in. It was the first home game of the season.

We go to as many home games as we can, but usually go at about half time, because we’ve found that’s been about the limit of Juniordwarf’s tolerance.

Normally we sit in the area that used to be called the ‘Sponsor’s Box’ but is really open to anyone. It’s a very cosy little glassed in area next to the grandstand, complete with bar facilities. This is the view.

Plastic chairs are a much more comfortable option than wooden grandstand seating, and the box has the added advantage of confining Juniordwarf somewhat. In winter, the heaters are turned on, so it really is a nice place to watch the game.

Going to the footy now is a totally different experience from going to the footy when I was a child. Back then, everyone parked their cars around the oval and sat in the car, beeping their horn every time their team kicked a goal. That tradition hasn’t quite died out in local footy, but it’s long gone in the bigger leagues.

Today we arrived at quarter time, which, in hindsight, was a mistake. Juniordwarf’s tolerance and attention span is really only two quarters, so by the final quarter he was climbing the walls. Literally.

No, it’s not a slide.

I think next time, we’ll go back to arriving at half time.

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