P365 – Day 54 – these shoes aren’t made for walking

Anyone who knows me will know I’m not much into shoes.
Actually, I’m not much into ‘fashion’ either, which is demonstrated by the rather, ahem, casual, attire in which I usually turn up to work.
I’m definitely not into heels. The only heels I have are the shoes I wore at my wedding, and a pair of funky low cut boots that I wear at work. I wear them if I’m wearing jeans on any day other than ‘casual Friday’ for the more formal look.
They have a 7 cm heel. While not huge in the heel stakes, this is about as high as I can handle.
Obviously these are not shoes to walk to work in. So now that I walk to work after dropping Juniordwarf off at school, I’ve adopted what I call the ‘walking commuter’ look for the days I want to wear the boots at work. Well my old runners are definitely looking like they’ve seen better days, so I thought I’d treat myself to a new pair.
I saw some really cool pink walking shoes in an outdoor store on sale, and went back to get them yesterday, but they didn’t have my size left. Of course. 


In another store I saw these red shoes.
Were they super-impressive walking shoes? No.
Did they offer any support at all? No.
Were they padded in all the right places? No.
Were they what I was looking for? No.
Did I want a pair of red shoes, and buy them anyway? Yes.
It probably wasn’t the best use of $20, but I do like my new red shoes. Next time I promise I’ll buy some sensible walking shoes that will last me five years!

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