P365 – Day 48 day 2, take 2

I don’t want to fill my blog with the misery of Day 2 after my long-winded report on the adventures of Day 1.
I wrote another rather long post about school drop off today, but I’m not going to publish it. If you really want to read it, you know how to contact me!
So all I’ll say is if someone ever tells you that daycare kids never have any trouble starting school because they’re used to being dropped off for the day at daycare, take it from me, this is not necessarily so.
That is all.
And so to today’s picture.
It feels completely wrong to be leaving work at 2.30 to pick up Juniordwarf from school. It feels like there’s still half a day left.
I suppose I’ll get used to it. Just like he’ll get used to being dropped off at school.
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