P365 – Day 43 fossicking and other stories (12/2/2011)

We thought it would be nice to have a weekend away before Juniordwarf starts school and swimming lessons next week. 
We decided on Dover, south of Huonville this time, because neither Slabs nor I had been there, and there were public fossicking areas near Lune River, a few km south of Dover.
Juniordwarf is quite interested in rocks at the moment, so we though picking up rocks would be something he’d enjoy. He has a large bag full of rocks that he collected over the Xmas break and every time we go into the local rock shop, he usually comes out with a new tumbled stone to add to his collection.
After having lunch in Dover, we travelled down to Lune River, which is the furthest south I’ve ever been, to start our rock adventure at Lunaris Gemstones, which has a showroom of rocks, fossils, crystals and tumbled stones. Some of the crystals were quite stunning and I suspect Lil Sis and Mr Tall would have had a lovely, (and expensive) time there.
We were pointed in the right direction to the public fossicking areas, and drove around a bit looking for a good place to stop. We had absolutely no idea what to look for – other than rocks that we liked the look of – apparently the main finds in the area are agate and petrified wood. We hadn’t even thought to take any tools with us, so we were restricted to what was lying around.
Juniordwarf loved it. He was on a special mission to find a pretty rock for his favourite coffee shop lady, so that was his first task. But once he’d found a rock for Coffee Lady, he wanted to take every rock home that he picked up. We had to call a halt when the bag started to get too heavy.
I ended up being more interested in this little chap than in the rocks . . .
After our rock excursion, we headed back to Dover and had coffee. Juniordwarf was very impressed with the size of his babycino.
But I don’t think Coffee Lady has anything to fear about this type of competition. She’s still his favourite, because she ties her hair up.
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