Week in review 2-8 March 2015/Walk in her shoes update

Last week’s goals:

  • 21,000 steps per day: 7/7 days (average 22,900 steps a day)
  • Go to bed before 11.45 pm: 6/7 days

This week has been another busy training week for Walk in Her Shoes. I’m excited to have reached (and exceeded) my fundraising goal of $500, so a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far.

If you’d like to contribute, my sponsorship page is here.

I’ve ticked off a couple of achievements this week:

  • I did my first sub-30 minute 3 km walk, which was made all the more difficult by it being still dark and the pavement being very uneven in places. When did it get so dark in the morning? When I first started walking in January I’d see the sun rise. Now it’s dark when I get up and still dark when I get home, and I can hardly see where I’m going!
  • I beat my longest walk from last year of 12.21 km on Saturday morning. 12.45 km in 2 hours 13 minutes.
Nailed the record
Nailed the record

I’ve somehow gone from weekend walks being 7-8 km in about 90 minutes to over 10 km in 2 hours. That’s starting to feel normal, which is kind of weird, because I never intended to walk that far. It just started to happen.

View of the River Derwent from walking up the hill on Friday afternoon
View of the River Derwent from walking up the hill on Friday afternoon

There’s only a week to go until the challenge kicks off, so this is my last week of training. After that my unofficial step goal goes up to 25,000 steps a day and I expect I’ll be spending every spare minute of the day (remember those?) walking.

Must remember to stay hydrated!

This week’s goals:

  • 21,000 steps per day
  • Go to bed before 11.30 pm
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