Departure minus 2 days

Well minus 1 day now.

Travelpod blog post

So much to do before we go!

This time tomorrow I’ll be in Hobart having said goodbye to Juniordwarf and Slabs. It will be the longest any of us have been apart, and I’ve been feeling very guilty about going. They’ve both said they’ll miss me and, even though I have no doubts that they will be perfectly fine, being the only parent on deck is exhausting. So after two weeks Slabs will probably be needing a holiday.

I finished my outstanding work stuff to handover stage. Tick.

I’ve done as much as I can in organising a forum for when I get back and arranging to go to a conference. Almost tick.

I made a packing list. Tick.

I made a decision about what to do about phones. This was made somewhat easier when I found out about the requirement to be able to power your devices on for flights to the UK. My phone can’t be powered on without being plugged in, so that’s that. Tick. Sort of. I have to organise this when I get there. This doesn’t make my organisational-freak side happy.

We have all our travel documents and emergency cash. Tick.I picked up the cash earlier this week. I was expecting it to be handed over in something a bit more exotic than a plain white envelope. At least it wasn’t a brown paper bag!

Then I remembered I had a cash wallet from the bank in Finland from my Euro adventure many years ago. I never imagined I’d need it again, but I’m glad I hung onto it. Yesterday I checked the weather forecast for London next week. It says “light rain” is expected.

Every single day.

I hope their definition of “light” rain is the same as mine or I might get very wet.

I don’t want to walk around for a week sight seeing and trying to take pictures carrying an umbrella. I now own a “water resistant” hat. Tick.

What else do I have to do?

Confirm some of our early bookings.

Charge every device I’m taking with me.

Check every device is charged and charge the ones I’d forgotten about.

Put some books onto my Kindle.

Put everything I need onto my laptop and make sure everything else syncs properly with it.

Make a map for Juniordwarf so he can see where I’ll be.

Take my work ID card out of my bag.

Oh and I probably should pack a bag. I might need it.