12 of 12 May 2014

Monday 12 May was the start of the second week of school. All the good work I’d done getting back into a walking routine before the holidays started has gone out the window and I’m back to doing nothing. I just can’t bring myself to set the alarm for 5am . . .

1 of 12 – and the reason for this is probably because I’ve been staying up until after midnight most nights. Yesterday’s excuse was that I was reliving some of the fun of the weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest.

20140512-01B Euorovision

2 of 12 – I’m still struggling with trying to give up fructose. I made this choc-nut granola from Sarah Wilson’s new book to try and console my sweet tooth.

20140512-02 Granola

3 of 12 – It’s autumn! St David’s Park is looking very pretty.


4 of 12 – This is what’s left of the old Government Print Building and the old PABX building in Salamanca Place.

20140512-04 Parliament Square

5 of 12 – I’m not being very successful at drinking more water during the day either.


6 of 12 – Monday is a heavy walking day. Time to bust out the new shoes.

20140512-06 Walking

7 of 12 – Macquarie Street late afternoon. I want to know that little box on top of that building is.

20140512-07 Macquarie Street

8 of 12 – Pretty autumn colour.


9 of 12 – It’s getting darker a lot earlier now.

20140512-09A Moon over Hobart

10 of 12 – Juniordwarf’s current thing on the way home is to stop in the ABC Shop and look at the Ben & Holly books.


11 of 12 – Jack’s back!

20140512-11A 24

12 of 12 – Every time one of the Diggers Club catalogues arrive in the mail I feel very miserable that I’ve done nothing in the garden recently.


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