Bruny – day 2 (part 3)

After we’d finished exploring Cape Bruny (Day 2, Part 2), we still had enough time to head back to north Bruny and visit the Get Shucked Oyster Bar and Bruny Island Cheese Factory.

Get Shucked was great. 


You can buy oysters to eat there with a beverage of your choice, or to take away. There were several different styles, but we opted for natural.


Juniordwarf has a bit of a phobia about oysters, ever since I got sick one day, which I put down to a bad oyster – but I really don’t know. He’s been obsessed about ‘bad oysters’ ever since, and has been worried that if anyone eats oysters ever again they’ll get sick.

So it was a huge step for him to try an oyster today and I’m very proud that he did.


Despite the look on his face, he nodded a lot and said, ‘I like oysters, I do, I do.’ But one was enough.

Not to worry, more for us!

Oysters and a glass of Tassie Sauvignon Blanc. What a lovely way to wind down the afternoon.

The Bruny Island Cheese Company is just down the road from Get Shucked. We were too late for the café, so no woodfired pizza for us, but were able to taste some of the cheeses on offer.


They were great cheeses and I liked them all. Some more than others, and it was interesting to see the differences in our tastes. (1792, which is matured on Huon Pine, had a very interesting flavour from the wood that I really liked.)

The cheeses are hand made and aged in the rind.  It was interesting to see the difference between the size of the newer cheeses compared to the ones that were more mature. The reduction in size is due to the water loss that occurs during the ageing.

The lady at the cellar door explained that most factory-made cheese is not aged in the rind because the manufacturers don’t want to lose the volume that is lost during the rind-ageing process. It’s aged in plastic so it doesn’t lose water. (At least this is what I think she said . . . feel free to correct me if you are a cheese guru and understand how all this works.)

We restricted ourselves to one cheese to take away, the raw milk C2, which was high on my list of favourites. The plan was to have some of it with one of our favourite wines later in the evening.

When we got back to the campground Juniordwarf and I decided to go over the road to the beach. Four years ago, Juniordwarf would very reluctantly go into the water, and he’d freak out whenever a wave came near him. We have video footage from one trip of him asking if he could turn the water off.

Now he’s a lot more used to the water and it’s hard to get him out. He started out with his usual trick of holding up his board shorts so they didn’t get wet.


Not long after, he realised that it was much more fun to actually get in the water. He ended up rolling around in the shallows laughing hysterically every time a wave crashed over him. It was hilarious to watch.


Dinner tonight was a BBQ at the campground, and we were visited by a little group of wrens that had been around the whole time we were there.


After dinner we had this.


Tonight I watched a yellow full (ish) moon over the beach until it was sucked into low lying clouds. Beautiful.

Then I went to sleep listening to the sound of crashing waves. Today was awesome.

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