30 days of lists – days 21-24

So much for a list a day!

Day 21: My food pyramid

ImageI interpreted this one slightly differently, to make a list of the things I’m trying to do to improve my diet and health. Some of this is based on work by Michael Pollan, who writes some very interesting books on food. One of the easiest to read is “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”, which is a good starting point for learning about “real food”.

I wrote some posts on quitting sugar earlier in the year. I haven’t been 100% successful, but most days I’m doing well.

Someone asked me what I meant by numbers – well that’s basically additives preservatives, colours, flavours – anything you see in an ingredient list that has a number. Some are worse than others and it’s good to know which ones to avoid always, and which ones aren’t quite so bad. A really good reference about this is the book Additive Alert, which is the book that first sparked my interest in finding out what’s in our food.

Day 22: Recent DreamsImageThis one could be dreams or daydreams and, since I never seem to have dreams any more, I decided to look at daydreams. I wrote about my dream cottage back in 2011.

Day 23: Things people don’t know about me

ImageThat’s just a few. There, don’t you feel like you know me better now?

Day 24: How to have a better day

ImageWhen I was writing this I was thinking about how to have a better day when your morning starts out really badly. I had one of those mornings a couple of weeks back and one of my Twitter friends cheered me up immensely by posting a link to this story.

Someone pointed out I had forgotten to add wine to the list. Yet again, a list where wine would have been an entirely appropriate response. I think I got away with it this time, because when I’m having a bad morning, I don’t usually reach for the wine bottle. A bad evening, on the other hand …

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