30 days of lists – days 17-20

Moving on and trying not to get any further behind, I have temporarily abandoned List #16 of my 30 Days of Lists project. Here are the next four lists.

Day 17: Favourite things about my home

ImageDay 18: I ask for help when . . .

ImageI think it’s fairly obvious that I struggle with this particular issue.

Day 19: Qualities I admire in others

ImageI found this list quite challenging, because when I thought of qualities I thought I admired, I realised that some of those qualities in others can also annoy me a lot. Perhaps because they are directly opposite to the way I am. So I suppose the main thing I admire is this capacity to understand others and to behave in a way that acknowledges and is sensitive to the situation other people find themselves in.

There’s a quote I saw recently that was something like “Be kind, because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”, which some people have attributed to Plato. That’s sort of what I was trying to get at anyway.

Day 20: Comforting me this week


I had a good discussion with my supervisor last week and some things have become a lot clearer in my mind. And did I mention I was going on leave soon?

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