the year is 1/3 over

It’s the end of April. Well actually we’re almost a week into May, but I’ve been so frantically busy at work I hadn’t noticed. So it’s still the end of April as far as I’m concerned.

This means it’s time for my end of month review of my 100 things to do in 2013

I think I missed the March update, so that means there should be heaps I’ve done since the last update, right?

Not necessarily, but still, I’ve made some progress and I’m happy.

1. Improve my eating habits to make at least 90% of my diet free of processed food

I think I’m getting there. Cutting out food (or “edible foodlike substances”) with added sugar has eliminated much of the processed food. I still have a long way to go though.

2. Reach my target weight (lose about the same again as I lost in 2012)

I’m getting closer. The best sign is that I can now fit into the post-huge-weight-loss-before-I-got-pregnant-and-stacked-it-all-back-on-again jeans and have discarded a lot of clothes that have started to hang off me. I’m far from being my ideal size, but I’m no longer 20 kg overweight.

11. Finish the DVD from our 2011 holiday for Juniordwarf

If my computer hadn’t decided to spit the dummy and make every attempt to edit a movie into the most agonisingly painfully slow process, I would have done this by now. I need to fix up a couple of minor glitches, but apart from that it’s done. 

19. Blog at least three times a week

Um, no.

23. Get back into yoga

This is happening most mornings. And Juniordwarf is joining me.

26. Buy decent walking shoes


27. Go to a National Park I’ve never been to

We went to the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park on our way to the West Coast. If you want to be really pedantic, I have been there before. We stopped off at the picnic area for a short break on our holiday about 10 years ago.  But we didn’t actually look around or anything, so in my mind (and it’s my blog, so my rules) that doesn’t count. So this trip was the first time I’ve actually been there.

53. Get a notice board for the kitchen

I ordered it last week.

56. Order the new blind for the dining room

We decided we didn’t need this. 

62. Go to MONA


76. Change my hair colour

I went darker for a while. It looked shit and made me look washed out. I’m glad it was semi-permanent and has gone now.

85. Avoid footy tipping 

I’m not in any tipping competition, and Fridays are a lot less stressful now.

96. Keep better track of my spending & the household budget 

I have a spreadsheet. I use it regularly. It is quite a thing to behold.

98. Stop using the couch as storage 

I’m getting better at this. 

So things are slowly happening. It’s nice to be able to cross things off the list.


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