Lake Dobson

I’m linking up to Kim’s Sunday Selections at Frogpondsrock today.

Last time we went to Mt Field National Park we drove the 16 km road to Lake Dobson but we didn’t have a good look around.

Monday was a public holiday, so we decided it might be nice to go back up there and do the circuit around the lake. The official title of the walk is the Pandani Grove Nature Walk, and it skirts around one side of the lake, passing through the Pandani Grove, and ending up on the 4WD track that goes higher up the mountain (or back to the car park in our case).

This is the area that gets snow in winter, and it has several long day walks that we aren’t quite ready to tackle just yet. The drive up to the lake takes you from the beautiful lush rainforest at the bottom of the park through changing vegetation to the completely different sub-alpine landscape higher up the mountain. The change over such a short space is remarkable.

I took my old SLR camera with me – I don’t remember the last time I used it. When Juniordwarf was about a year old, I think. I haven’t had those photos developed yet, so here are some that I took with my phone and uploaded to Instagram.

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