Another week in January

I feel a lot less structured now I’m not doing a post a day, so this is just another random ‘what we did over the last week or so’ post.

It feels weird to be doing it this way.

On Saturday we went out with my family for Slabs’ birthday. On the way in to town, Slabs wanted to go and check out the Tassie rugby league. There are four teams in the competition and they play on Saturday afternoons at the Hobart Showgrounds, one game after the other. The game we saw part of was the Southern Rabbitohs vs the Hobart Tigers.

We went out for dinner at a sushi restaurant. Juniordwarf ate a little bit of sushi, some of the beef tataki and some of Nanna’s pork dish. He wouldn’t go near the sashimi, even though we told him it was salmon, which he absolutely loves – at least the smoked variety. Raw salmon was clearly a step too far for him.
He told Slabs he wanted a tie when they went shopping earlier in the week, and he picked one out and was very excited to wear it on Saturday night.
On Sunday we met our friend’s Dad, who was in town for the day, and went up Mt Wellington.
Monday was Slabs’ birthday. We had our version of an antipasto spread for dinner. Juniordwarf  loved it because we got to have dinner on his car mat on the lounge room floor, which he’d do every day if we’d let him.

Tuesday was unbelievably hot, and I spent most of the evening waiting for the storm to hit. It finally did, and it didn’t disappoint.
Can you see the koala in the clouds?
On Thursday I was home with Juniordwarf. It was hot and we just wanted to stay inside. Juniordwarf played his Reading Eggs game (and I’ve now set up the clunky old eMac so he has his own account and can go straight into it). I got the chance to catch up on some scrapbooking.
And that’s about it for our week. Tonight we went to the Two Metre Tall Farm Bar with some friends and I managed not to take a photo for the entire evening. Yes, some things can change!

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