Project Life Pages December 2011

I’ve been trying to finish off my 2011 Project Life album, and have finally caught up to the end of the year. There are just a few little bits of journalling left to do, and about 12 actual scrapbook layouts that will slot in at the relevant months.

They’re going to take a bit longer.

I’m not going to post all of the pages from December as there are a lot of them, but here are just a few.

These are my standard month title pages (using nine of my favourite pictures of the day – or photos that didn’t need to be journalled about in any great detail – and Juniordwarf’s Xmas photo because I forgot to leave a slot for it).

I started using the clear number stickers on some of the photos, so am going to go back over the previous months and do that with them too. Before this, I really hadn’t used those stickers at all, so at least this way they get used up. Because they only go up to 10, I need to use two stickers for any date past the 10th, so the 1s and 2s are going to be used up a lot more quickly than the other numbers. That’s why I’m not numbering all of the pictures.

The next layout is a double spread of Juniordwarf being arty – pictures of him making his wool picture, and then the picture itself (strategically done on a 12×12 piece of cardstock). Also some journalling and examples of how his drawing has improved this year.

And then a layout about our weekend at ours friends’ place. I printed a title onto one of the photos and then printed it a bit smaller than normal, with a white border, and stuck it onto a 4×6 card I had cut from the cardstock that came with the kit (top left).

For the journalling, I used one of the bi-fold journal cards but didn’t fold it (top right). I stuck a 4×3 photos on the card and journalled on the front and the back.

Next is a Farm Bar page, and this is an example of where I’ve printed several photos onto 4×6 canvasses.

Two Xmas layouts: First, lots of photos and then an A4 sheet protector with the letter that Santa left for Juniordwarf. On the other side of that is the wrapping paper Juniordwarf made to wrap his present to me that he made at school.

The final set is Juniodwarf and I spending an afternoon together. I put all the photos in the page protector and printed the journalling out onto an A5 sheet, which I included in an A5 sheet protector (both sides). In the other A5 sheet protector I included the brochure from the model railway and a postcard. On the other side of that, I put a brochure relating to the photos on the next page.

So that’s it for December, and the 2011 album is almost complete. I just have to do the monthly overview photos (as explained midway through this post) and a couple more journalling spots I missed during the year, and then it’s all done.

I’m pinning blog posts and photos that are inspiring me for my 2012 Project Life, so if you want to check out some wonderful albums, have a look on my Pinterest Project Life board.

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