P365 – Day 350 – report day

Juniordwarf got his end of year report today. 
It spoke of his enthusiasm, his willingness to do what is asked of him and his curiosity. Of all the ‘core markers’ for Kinder students, there was only one that he didn’t meet, so he has made a lot of progress since the middle of the year. That’s been really obvious to us, especially over the last couple of months.
Slabs and I are both so pleased at the progress he’s made this year.
His teacher mentioned this morning how much Junoirdwarf’s drawing had improved.
From this at the start of the year:
A face
To this in June:
And, just this week, to this:
Juniordwarf’s Teacher
It’s exciting to watch him grow and change – sometimes it seems to happen overnight.
I love the way he is now. He has his moments where I would gladly ship him off to his Grandmother’s for a day (or a week, or . . . no, not really), but I’m sure all parents feel like that sometimes. I’m learning that feeling like that doesn’t mean I love him any less, that it’s OK to feel like that every now and then, and that it doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent.
He’s so curious about why things are the way they are, and what would happen if  . . ., and what is this for. And how do you spell that, and what does this word say.
I’m trying to encourage him to figure stuff out for himself and to instill in him the confidence that he can do it, but also to make sure he knows if he needs help his Dad and I will be there.
Despite the difficulties I’m having, this is a wonderful time in his life – one we won’t get to experience again – and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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