P365 – Day 345 – Kangaroo Cook (11/12/2011)

A while ago Juniordwarf started talking about a character called Kangaroo Cook. I assumed that it was a character from a book he’d read at school or a DVD he’d seen somewhere.
I searched on the library catalogue and I googled, but to no avail, I couldn’t find anything that remotely resembled Kangaroo Cook. All I got was websites on how to cook kangaroos.
If anyone is any the wiser about this please let me know; I’d love to find out if it’s an actual character, or something he made up himself.
Anyway, he’s started telling stories about Kangaroo Cook. Fairly basic stories, but he talks about several events that follow a logical sequence, which is a fairly recent development for him. The stories seem to be based on what Juniordwarf has done.
All the while, I assumed Kangaroo Cook was a kangaroo with human characteristics, like Spot the dog.
Not so.
We recently found out that Kangaroo Cook is not a kangaroo, but a little boy. He’s five years old and he lives in Glenorchy (or sometimes North Hobart), and his best friend is Kangaroo Burn.
It’s great to hear him tell the stories. He usually says the title of the story and then ‘by Juniordwarf’.  Yesterday while he was in the little wading pool at our friends’ place he told the story ‘Kangaroo Cook Goes Swimming. By Lynley Dodd.’

I thought I’d film him and then transcribe the story so he could make his own picture book. I missed a bit yesterday while he was telling the story in the pool, so this morning I sat him down on the couch and got him to tell the story again.
It was very entertaining.
Once we’ve written the book we’ll work out a way to publish it on the blog. 
This might take a while . . .

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