P365 – Day 249 – special activities

Juniordwarf loves talking about how they do ‘special activities’ at school, so somehow anything that is remotely crafty that we do at home has become a ‘special activity’

Today the Salvation Army was holding a ‘crazy crafts’ session through the Communities for Children program. That sounded like a whole morning’s worth of ‘special activities’, and when I asked Juniordwarf if he wanted to go he was very keen.

He had a fun morning. He made a sheep, did some footprints, painted a picture for me, did some tile painting and helped out with story time.

I’d also promised him a special activity to do at home today as well.

On Saturday when we went to his swimming lesson he wore his goggles all the way there, and was amazed at how they turned everything blue. I thought it would be fun for him to make a mask with coloured cellophane over the eye holes so he could see how the different colours changed his view of the world.

He was very excited to be making a mask and, based on something he’d seen on one of his DVDs, has decided that the purpose of a mask is to scare people! So he said he’d make a mask to ‘scare Dad’.

He coloured it in and decided he wanted blue and red ‘lenses’, so he ended up with purple.

(Attempted purple tint on photo to simulate
what he’s seeing!)
As soon as we’d finished it he raced into the bedroom to scare Dad with a huge roar. Dad was suitably terrified, as was I when he came back to scare me.

He then proceeded to wear the mask for the rest of the day. At bed time he put it on his bed head, presumably so that he can put it on as soon as he wakes up in the morning – and come into our room to scare us.

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