P365 – Day 248 – out of the way!

On his first birthday, one of Juniordwarf’s presents was the “Grow’n’Go Ride-on”, which is a toy designed to grow with a kid from the time they’re a baby until they’re about three.

It has a dashboard type control panel with a steering wheel, indicators, a throttle, a phone keypad, and three modes: music, driving and learning (alphabets and numbers).

The body of the toy can be set up as a rocker (for little kids) or a four wheeler bike.

It’s rather cool – albeit somewhat annoying when your child plays with it constantly. I could list everything it says (I think I know most of it by heart), but wouldn’t want to inflict it on anyone.

Well okay, just a bit. ‘Come along and play with me! There’s so much to learn and see, colours and shapes and fun silly sounds. To make you want to play around’. ‘Let’s ride to the beach! Let’s ride to the zoo!’. ‘Turn to the left! Turn to the right! Out of the way!’

And so it goes.

We made a DVD of Juniordwarf’s first birthday, including the part where we gave him that present. He watches the DVD, asks questions about it and copies things people say in it.

In one part, I turn the toy on, listen to it for a bit and then say, ‘that’s enough of that’, and turn it off. So every now and then, he does that too.

He still loves the toy, despite it apparently being suitable for up to three year olds, and despite him being way too big for it. I don’t know if it’s enjoyed a resurgence because he’s started watching the birthday DVD, or if he’d still enjoy playing with it anyway.
There’s one game where it asks the user to find a number on the keypad, and if they press the right number, the toy says ‘you’re so clever!’ Tonight Juniordwarf thought it was really funny just to sit there and press the numbers and have the toy tell him how clever he was.
Seriously now, that’s enough of that!

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