P365 – Day 247 – fathers day

When we picked Juniordwaf up from school on Thursday he had a wrapped present in his bag, which was for Slabs for Fathers Day. I had a pretty good idea of what it might be, so I couldn’t wait to see it today.

Juniordwarf made Slabs’ card at Playgroup on Friday, and yesterday afternoon we wrapped the presents we’d bought a couple of weeks ago. Juniordwarf was very excited by all the wrapping and he took all the presents and lined them up on the lounge room floor. (He is really into presents at the moment – we made a DVD of his first Xmas, where SantaMe gave out all the presents from the Santa sack and we opened them all – he likes to act the whole thing out, including reciting the comments that people make and their laughs. He does the same thing for his first birthday DVD. So anyone in my family who has a distinctive laugh, beware: he can imitate it!)

I told him he’d have to hide them from Slabs, so he took them into his bedroom – and lined them up on the floor.

I managed to convince him that he needed to actually hide them so Slabs wouldn’t see them when he put Junoirdwarf to bed, so we found a hiding place in his room and stashed them there.

I told Juniordwarf that when he woke up in the morning he had to come and wake me up first, so we could get the presents and surprise Dad.

He didn’t, and when I went into his room at 8 o’clock this morning (yes! 8 o’clock!) he was awake in bed. I asked if he wanted to get the presents for Dad, and he said yes, got up and went to get them. They were in a completely different (and better) hiding place than where we’d put them yesterday.

He took them in very proudly to Dad and announced that he’d help Dad open them. Which meant that he’d open them himself, which he proceeded to do, with very little input from Slabs.
He opened his school present first, which was, as I’d thought, a hand-made photo frame with a picture of him from school. Very cool!
Then he opened the rest of the presents, and handed over his card, which he had written ‘Dad’ and his own name in.
Slabs seemed very happy!
Juniordwarf decided to wear his pirate outfit today (good to get some wear out of it), and we went to our favourite coffee shop for morning tea.
After coffee we went outside so I could try to get a photo of Juniordwarf and Slabs (I try to get one good photo of him with the relevant parent on the relevant day – it is not an easy task).
We were going to go out for a picnic lunch, but it rained, so we had the picnic inside, which Juniordwarf really enjoyed (not that you can tell from this picture).
I tried again to get a decent photo of the two of them, but Juniordwarf really wasn’t cooperating today. This is the best I could do! 

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