P365 – Day 148 turn your ears on please (28/05/2011)

Slabs and I are often entertained by Juniordwarf playing out various scenarios from his school day.
One of his recent favourites is to announce that it’s now story time and one of us (me, usually) has to come and sit on the mat. He then sets up his chair and proceeds to ‘read’ a story.
Often before he starts reading he says to me, ‘turn your ears on Mum’, usually followed by ‘click click’.
If it’s not us he’s reading to, it’s one of his teddies (usually the long-suffering Big Teddy), who has to sit on the mat and have his ears turned on by an enthusiastic ‘teacher’.
Today story time was a bit different.
Instead of setting up the mat for Teddy to sit on, Juniordwarf set up his two little chairs next to each other, sat Teddy on the red chair and himself on the brown chair, told Teddy to turn his ears on, and then read the book.
He takes the education of Teddy very seriously.

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