P365 – Day 126 i love mum (6/5/2011)

Earlier in the week, Juniordwarf told me he’d made a flower at school. I said that sounded lovely, and asked if he was going to bring it home so I could see it. He said no.

I didn’t give it much more thought, and then today when I picked him up from school, all the kids were being given something wrapped up in green tissue paper before they came outside, so it was taking ages for them to leave the classroom. I saw what the child of the mother sitting next to me gave his mum.

It was the flowers that they’d made. Three flowers in a little bouquet.

The first had a picture of the child in the middle.

The second had a heart.

The third had the word ‘Mum’.

Put them together and you get ‘I love Mum’.

It was so sweet it brought a little tear to my eye and I couldn’t wait for Juniordwarf to come out so I could see what his flowers looked like. 

They were beautiful. 

My first hand-made Mother’s Day gift.

The flowers are laminated and have magnets on the back too, so I can stick them to my fridge or the magnetic whiteboard in my ‘studio’ and be inspired by them.

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