P365 – Day 319 – train park

Today Juniordwarf and I did something different. We spent the day in Hobart.

He was very interested in the fountain at Franklin Square.

The purpose of our trip was to go to the train park.

Juniordwarf had a great time. We took his scooter, which he rode around the track.

The first time he drove the train, he wanted to charge me $25 for the trip, to sit up the front with him. After lunch, he’d reduced the fare to $5, but I had to sit right at the back.

Two nori rolls are usually a decent amount for a meal for me. Juniordwarf also manages to eat that at lunch time.

The park has a fantastic slide.

When Juniordwarf was on the swings he spotted a woman with a dog, and immediately had to go over to the dog. After me telling him (again) the “strange dog safety message”, the dog’s owner told him it was ok for him to pat the dog. While he was doing that he started telling the woman all about the different budgies I (and we) have owned and what had happened to all of them. I’m not sure what she made of it all (especially the bit about me leaving the cage door open and losing the unfortunate bird), but she nodded politely and said “oh yes”, a couple of times. This is at least the second stranger he’s gone up to and told all about the budgies in recent weeks. It’s obviously one of his favourite stories.

It was a fun day and a welcome change from our usual routine.

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