P365 – Day 114 it’s not perfect, but it’s mine

(Today’s title brought to you by Tim Minchin)

Today I did something I decided on Friday to do. 
There’s something I’ve been complaining about ever since my scrapbooking hobby became bigger than the dining table and started to spread across two rooms.
I don’t have a scrapbooking space. 
I can use the coffee table, but it’s very uncomfortable to work at that level. And I have to pack everything up to keep it out of Juniordwarf’s way. I can use the dining table, but ever since Juniordwarf has started eating his meals on there instead of his little kids table, it’s become less than desirable as a venue for papercrafting. And again I can’t leave anything out.
So today, I did some reorganising of the furniture in the study, got Slabs to help me move my desk back into the house from my shed (where I have used it precisely zero times) and started to set up a scrapping area.
Originally I was going to use these bedside cabinets
as ‘legs’ for a sheet of chipboard . . .
. . . then I remembered I already had a perfectly
good desk (and yes it is the same desk I had
at high school).
I managed to do this without getting rid of a single item of clutter in the spare room, and still enabling some kind of (restricted) access to the room, which I think is testament to my ability to hoard.
It’s still a work in progress. It’s not a huge area, and at the moment it means that my scrapping stuff is actually spread across THREE rooms. That might continue to be the case, because I don’t think there’s going to be enough room for everything to be consolidated. But it does get a lot of stuff out of the lounge room and, more importantly, it’s my own space.
I’m so excited!
Now to work on that clutter . . .

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