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Here are some more photos for Frogpondsrock’s Sunday Selections photo project. Go on over and have a look  – or post some photos on your blog and join in too!

First, here’s what this week’s photos are all about . . .

On Friday night Juniordwarf, Slabs, my Mum and I went to the Power Plant show at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It was part of the Ten Days on the Island festival, which is a biennial arts festival held across Tasmania.

I’m not exactly sure how to describe Power Plant. I don’t think ‘show’ is the right word to use either.

The Ten Days Guide says this about it:

“Deep among the historic treasures of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, as dusk falls, old gramophones spin glittering sounds whilst clicking lights cast vast moving shadows. Whistles rise and fall and flowerbeds are transformed by sparkling whirling machines, dancing to their own tune…

A five-star hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the nocturnal world of Power Plant comes to Hobart after sell-out shows in the UK.

‘A bewitching garden of the imagination’ The Liverpool Echo. 

Over thirteen nights, you’re invited into the familiar surroundings of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens which will be transformed by a kaleidoscope of delightful tableaux, lit by flashing neon, shadowy projections and bursts of fiery radiance. Bring all the family and take a dazzling and enchanting journey through a magical series of sound and light installations in the trees, beds and bushes. 

With the Gardens the real star of this show, Power Plant is the not-to-be-missed event of Ten Days 2011. 

‘Power Plant transforms the lush and dank houses of the Botanical Gardens into a magical and at times thrilling experience.’ * * * * The Telegraph (UK) “

It was just an amazing night, and I was totally mesmerised by the whole experience.

I took some photos, but they really don’t do it justice. It was breathtaking, stunning, fabulous, amazing! There simply aren’t words to describe it.

I’m so glad we went. I was worried that Juniordwarf might not enjoy it, after our experience with the dinosaurs a couple of weeks ago. I thought he might get freaked out by the noise or the crowd, or that he’d be too tired to enjoy it, since he’d have to stay up past his bedtime.

I shouldn’t have worried. He had an absolute blast! This is one of his favourite places to visit, and seeing it lit up like this, with the accompanying sound effects, was so exciting for him. And for us too. It was just wonderful and is something that will stay in my memory for a long time.

Tree at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Another tree at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Another view of that tree

‘Floris Fluctuation’ Kinetic Flowers by Mark Anderson

‘Repercussus’  Reflection by Kirsten Reynolds

‘Soundwave’ by Ulf Pedersen

‘Suspiria de Profundus’ Sighs from the Depths by Kirsten Reynolds

Apples – I’m not sure which installation this one belongs to

‘Silent Spring’ by Jony Easterby

One of the paths was lined by these lanterns

‘Ignifer Conspiro’ Pyrophones by Mark Anderson
(and yes, some of the ducks were still swimming in the pond.)

Juniordwarf watching ‘Ignifer Conspiro’
I edited these photos on my phone using the Camera+ app, which is my favourite app at the moment.
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