P365 – Day 91 books

Today at lunch time I didn’t have anything I needed to do, so I headed out to the Hobart Bookshop to browse for a few minutes.

I love bookshops, even though I rarely buy books these days because (1) I already have several overflowing bookshelves and (2) I don’t have as much disposable income as I used to.

There are many sections that I love in bookshops: photography, fantasy, cooking, self help, craft, picture books for kids, spirituality, sport and music. I look at other sections, but I think these are the ones I gravitate to most often. But on top of these, my two absolute favourite sections are the gardening section and the section that has kids’ arts, crafts and activities.

I love the kids’ creative books, because they don’t take themselves too seriously and the emphasis is on having fun and on the process of creating. I think I could learn a lot more from them than I can from some of the creativity books for grown ups.

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