P365 – Day 57 – glitterati

Let me start this post by saying that every photo for my Project 365 is taken on my phone. My phone tends to lag somewhat between the time I press the button and the picture actually being taken. So the quality is sometimes a bit dodgy, especially in low light situations where the subject refuses to hold still for a photo.

Like in this photo:

Late in the day, just before it’s time to cook dinner, Juniordwarf has taken to getting out his craft box (on Play School they call it the ‘Useful Box’) and doing some crafty activities. This can include pasting icy pole sticks onto a piece of paper, doing play dough . . . and playing with this stuff, which can only be described as glittery goop.

It’s fabulous stuff. It’s cold, clammy, slimy and glittery. It stretches, it clumps, it rolls. It gets on everything and is impossible to get off clothing.

No wonder he loves it.

It reminds me of that green ‘Slime’ in a garbage can that I used to have when I was a kid, which I loved and my mother hated.

And now I know why.

So this is what parenting is actually all about – finding out why your parents said what they said and did what they did. I can see my mother chuckling away now as I try to clean this stuff up.

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