P365 – Day 27 hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go

One of the ideas behind Project 365 is that you record all the little things in your life. Things that seem insignificant at the time, things that you see and do every day, things that just pass you by without you paying much attention.

They are things that today you might wonder why on earth you’d want to take a photo of.

But in five, ten, twenty years, you might look back at the photo and the subject might have changed beyond recognition, it might no longer exist, or it might be exactly the same, and the photo might trigger memories of things you used to do or places you used to go that you’d forgotten all about.

Becky Higgins describes it like this:

Some pictures will illustrate bigger moments and some shots will be routine stuff in your life. It all adds up to paint the full picture of your life right now.

Likewise with my writing. Some days the pictures serve as a trigger for me to indulge in some self-reflection and write a great deal.

Other days the picture is simply a record of something I did or something I saw that day.

Either way it’s the story of my life as I’m living it.

And so to today’s photo. This is one of the pictures that shows something I do regularly. It’s the view from the car windscreen as we drive up Davey Street in the morning on the way to work.

Stay tuned for ‘find me friday’ tomorrow 🙂

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