Week 21/2023: Thinking and planning

Week of 22 May 2023

Thinking and planning

This week was a bit of a thinking and planning week.

Like last week (and, spoiler alert, next week), I did very badly on tracking my habits so there’s no update there. I need to review everything, put a few new habits in and take out ones I’m comfortable enough with that I don’t need to keep tracking them.


My new bike lights came this week. I just wish it weren’t so cold in the morning so I could test them out.

A box of small bike lights next to four unopened small boxes with accessories for the lights
The new bike lights

I ordered them from Lumos on their Kickstarter project last year, and when I get them set up, they’ll coordinate with my helmet. They can be set up in any way I want, which means I can have front lights, rear lights and side indicator lights. Handy!

Street corners

In my quest for more photos for my Hobart Street Corners project, I went for a walk around the city.

A street corner, looking at a construction site with a small crane. Two people are crossing the road. The street is otherwise empty.
Harrington & Warwick Street, Monday 22 May 2023, 11.00 am.

I had a look at what’s happening at the old Forestry Dome in Melville Street.

A dome shaped glass roof between two brick buildings, mostly shielded by a yellow fence with hoarding with the words Hansen Yuncken
Forestry Dome under “redevelopment”

This is, apparently, part of Utas’ master plan to move into the CBD.

Week 21 summary

What was the best thing about this week?

Kramstable was in his school’s production of the SpongeBob Musical (yes, it’s a thing). I went along on Saturday with my mother and Lil Sis.

A blue page with the words SpongeBob Musical inside a pineapple, all in gold text, held up in front of a stage with red tents

It was fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing it again next week.

What did I learn this week?

Dogs’ tail bones are called caudal vertebrae

What I’m reading this week

A book cover with the text Kate Forsyth The Beast's Garden. A dark-haried woman at the top, a red rose on barbeed wire across the centre and a scene from Berlin's Brandenburg Gate at the bottom
The Beast’s Garden
  • Me and My Big Mouth by Jan O’Connell
  • The Beast’s Garden by Kate Forsyth
  • A Twentieth Century Life by Edith Emery
  • The Good Wife of Bath by Karen Brooks
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