19 for 2019: update for week 2

Welcome to week 2 of my 19 for 2019 updates. (Let’s see how long this lasts … about a month, if my previous attempts at keeping my blog updated are anything to go by …)

I finished a thing! Thing 9: take coins to the bank part 2. I realise I should have taken a photo of the coin machine in action or something like that but I was having too much fun tipping coins into it that I didn’t even think about it. Anyway, there’s $32 (exactly) that had been sitting in a ziplock bag on my dresser since before we moved house (in January 2016) into the bank account.

It’s one of those jobs that is so easily done—it takes five minutes—but never seems to get crossed off the list and sits around for weeks, months, years even. I have a couple more of those on my list so they should be easy wins.

I’m reading book 2 for the year (thing 5).

I completed a lesson of the photography course so I’ve now done six of the 31 lessons (thing 1).20190108 freeze the action

I did three lessons of the writing course (thing 8) and finished two more photo collages for my 2018 photojournal (thing 11). I am learning Lightroom by using it (thing 19) and I’m adding photos to my “folio” file as I sort through them (thing 2).

Status at the end of week 2
Things completed: 1
Things I have taken action on this week: 6 (plus the one I completed)
Things in progress but no action this week: 1
Things not started: 11

For a peek at the complete list, I’m updating it here too.

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