Find Me Friday #8

Welcome back to Find Me Friday, the series where I post a picture of part of a building and you have to find it.

Here’s a better view of last week’s puzzle:


It’s 221 Liverpool Street, which is currently home to a shop called Mintage and a Warwick Fabrics outlet.


It was built in 1909 and, according to my trusty book Yesterday’s Hobart Today, it was built for a Mr Pople, who sold and repaired musical instruments. Apparently he was there until the 1920s, when he moved to Elizabeth Street. And that’s all I’ve been able to find out about the building.

The only reference I can find to Mr Pople (I assume this is the same person) is a “Situations Wanted” advertisement in the Mercury on 16 December 1936 for “Orchestra disengaged, New Year’s Eve. W. Pople, Music Warehouse Phone 5119”.

From the outside, the building is very similar to it was over 100 years ago.


This week’s Find Me Friday building is this one:


Do you know where it is? Come back next week to find out if you’re right.

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