30 days of lists – days 25-28

Almost there! Just two more lists to complete for my first ever 30 days of lists challenge.

It’s been fun and made me think a bit, but I haven’t really been interacting much with the other people who have been doing the challenge.

Day 25: My family’s quirks

ImageThis was one I had a hard time with – identifying my family’s quirks. I’m sure people outside my family could come up with a much bigger list. It’s one of those things I think I’m too close to.

Day 26: Rules for being my friend

ImageI chose to interpret this more as giving people advice on how to deal with me and my particular preferences and personality, rather than as “rules” which seems a bit harsh and prescriptive.

Day 27: Favourite courses, classes and workshops

ImageI went way back to high school for this one! I was reminded about Grade 9 English by a conversation I had with someone on Twitter. It’s funny sometimes how you get allocated to a teacher you think you’re going to dislike, only to have them end up as being one of the most memorable teachers from your school life. I had a similar experience with a boss once. Never pre-judge.

Day 28: In my fridge

ImageHa! I didn’t forget the wine this time!

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