P365 – Day 315 – eleven

Yeah I know, time is a human construct, and it isn’t really 2011 anyway because a few years got skipped over a few centuries ago, and it’s just a normal day and a normal minute, and who really cares because the same time will happen in 24 different time zones of the course of the day, twice if you don’t use 24 hour time.
But even so, I think 11.11 on 11.11.11 is kind of cool.
I heard about the 11eleven project from Lil Sis.
 Its aim is to get everyone recording, tweeting, blogging, telling stories, making movies, taking photos . . . all on the same day. From everyone’s contributions, the organisers are going to create a photo book, a documentary and a music collection. There were 11 suggested themes to get you started, but really they said to record

anything that gives us an insight into your world and your perspective…..what do you want us to know about your life on planet earth?

In one sense, I guess it really doesn’t matter which day it is – the point is that everyone’s doing it at the same time. But 11.11.11 is as good a day as any, right?
My plan was to do something I’d wanted to do for a while – that is to take a photo on the hour every hour for the whole day. No matter what I was doing, I’d have to stop for a couple of seconds and take a picture (there might have been a couple of activities I’d possibly have excluded from that).
Since 11.11 is a Friday, I thought it would be a really good day for this project, since there’d be school dropoffs, work, a possible walk in the park, school pickups, scrapbooking night, a couple of beers when I got home . . . a pretty varied day.
But no, I had to get sick didn’t I? So I was at home all day thinking how incredibly boring my ‘day in the life of’ project was going to be.
I didn’t much feel like being creative either, so I decided that, in the spirit of my iPhone Project 365, I’d do the whole day’s photos on my phone.
So, while it’s not really what I wanted to do, here is 11.11.11 (#11ElevenLive) through my eyes. (I used Instagram for all photos except the 11:11 photo and the same filter – Earlybird – on each photo. I’m not sure why. Consistency seemed like a good idea at the time, but I don’t know if it really works for all of the photos.)
0600 – the first thing I saw when I woke up

0700 – loungeroom mess and ABC News 24

0800  – coffee

0900 – my day as seen through my phone

1000 – cold & flu herbal tea

1100 – Lest We Forget. A minute’s silence

11:11 on 11.11.11

12:00 – playing around with our holiday photos

1300 – dragging myself out to get supplies

1400 – a movie I haven’t seen for years

1500 – still watching the movie

1600 – the family arrives home with the mail and my
scrapbooking/journal goodies have arrived

1700 – bringing the washing in that’s been out since Tuesday

1800 – flicking through the yoga magazine I bought
while I was out. I really want to do this.

1900 – evening sky

2000 – a quick trip to my little bit of the garden.
I can’t wait until I transform it into my little piece of paradise
2100 – blogging about 11/11/11
I suppose if I had to fit this set of photos into any of the project’s 11 topics (which I don’t think you have to) it would be ‘routine’ – or  the disruption thereof. That’s what happens when you get sick.
There was also the option to blog about “How do I wish the world will be in 100 years”, but being at a low creative ebb, I haven’t given that topic very much thought. It’s an interesting challenge though.
Anyway, potentially I have two more photos to take tonight to round off 11.11.11. If I stay awake long enough, I’ll take them and post them.
If not, goodnight 🙂


Still here …

2200 – I love that he came home from school with a
remembrance poppy today

2300 – a full moon and a very bright star

2311 – the 11:11 screen shot I missed this morning

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