P365 – Day 291 – goodbye nappies?

If there is one phrase to strike fear into the parent of most toddlers, it’s ‘toilet training’.

Slabs and I had a really horrible time where we wanted to tear our hair out and scream in frustration and man it was awful and why won’t he just go to the damn toilet and why didn’t we start this sooner or why don’t we wait a few more months and is this ever going to end and no we are not going to give in and put a nappy back on him even if it would make our lives easier for now few problems when we started this process with Juniordwarf.

But he got the hang of it, as he was always going to, in his own time.

Except for night time.

So a few months ago, we suggested to Juniordwarf that it might nearly be time to stop using nappies at night.

At first he was a bit reluctant. He suggested that he might like to wear nappies to bed forever, but we were able to convince him that this wasn’t really a good idea.

Then he said that he’d stop wearing nappies ‘when I get five’.

Sounded good to us.

About three weeks ago we looked at the nappies that were left and decided that this was going to be the last box we bought. We counted them, and there was enough to last until this Thursday coming up. So he knows that Thursday is his last night in nappies, and we’ve been talking to him about what that means and what he’ll have to do.

What was left this morning. Now there’s only two.
We bought him a torch so he can find his way to the toilet in the middle of the night once the nappies are gone (presuming he wakes up in time – we are expecting accidents), and have set up the night light.

The other day he woke up, got out of bed, picked up his torch and turned it on. I asked where he was going, and he looked at me as if I was completely stupid – um Mum, what did you buy the torch for? – and said, ‘to the toilet’.

Well, at least we know he’s got the idea of what to do. How long it will actually take until we get the desired dry nights is anyone’s guess. Perhaps I should run a book on it?

We’ll see how we go on Friday night.

Actually, on reflection, this is probably not a good time for the washing machine to be making dodgy noises . . .
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