Weekly Check-in #1

Remember my post a couple of weeks ago in which I made a commitment to myself to wash up and clear off my kitchen bench every night?

Well, it’s not much good making that sort of commitment unless I have a way to keep myself honest, so I made myself a version of a star chart to keep track of whether I’ve actually been doing what I said I would.

And to keep myself more honest, because I made a public commitment to doing this, I’ve decided to have a weekly check-in post every Sunday night so I can celebrate my success (or admit my not-quite-success).

So, where am I up to?

Week 1: 5/5 possible stars. A good start.
Week 2: 4/7 possible stars. I didn’t quite get there.

Next week’s commitments
1. The kitchen task remains.
2. I will be in bed by 11.00 every night.

The reason for making this commitment is that I simply am not getting enough sleep. I’m run down and sick all the time and I need to rest. So I’ll see if this makes a difference.

I’ll be back next Sunday night to report on my progress.

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