P365 Day 2 – love you forever (2/1/2011)

juniordwarf asked me to read this book to him today.
It’s a story about a mother who has a baby, and it tells the story of the baby growing up, and at every age, despite all the frustration he’s caused her during the day, the mother holds him while he’s sleeping and tells him she’ll love him forever and he’ll always be her baby. When the little boy becomes a man, his mother is old and dying, and he holds her and tells her he’ll love her forever and she’ll always be his mother. Then at the end, he goes home and does it all over with his new baby daughter.
I only got onto the second page when I started crying and I barely got through the book. I can’t even write about it without tears coming to my eyes.
My beautiful little boy asked me if I was OK at the end of the story when he saw me crying, and then he cuddled himself up on his little couch as if he was upset too. I felt so bad that I’d upset him as well.
I didn’t know how to explain to him why the book makes me cry. It’s just so beautiful, and a reminder of how much I love him and how none of us lives forever, but that the cycle of life goes on.
(The frustration that the mother feels as her little boy is growing up brings to mind a quote from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project: ‘the days are long, but the years are short’.  It’s something I try to keep in mind when things start to become difficult. He will only be little once and I can never get this time back again.)
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