Week 21/2022: Everything comes to a stop

Week of 23 May 2022

I’m sick and everything comes to a stop

This week started off well, with the idea of trying out different iterations of my morning routine to see what works best at the moment. On Tuesday, I went for my walk before I did anything else, just like I’m used to. It was nice. Walking later feels weird. It’s lighter, and there are more people around.

I wasn’t to know this would be my last morning walk for the week.

I slept in on Wednesday and didn’t have time to walk, which was okay because I had an early medical appointment that I was going to ride to, so I figured that would make up for not having gone out.

I had the day off work for a couple of appointments and other things I had to catch up on in town and I didn’t get home until later afternoon, armed with photos of me wearing a variety of new glasses frames to chose from.

I hate choosing glasses!

I guess it one sense it doesn’t matter what they look like because it’s other people who are going to see them, not me. But I do want some that don’t look absolutely horrible! I narrowed it down to two, one fairly conservative pair and a bright orange pair, which also came in pink and blue. The optician said they could order those in for me to try on as well because I liked the design and I loved the colour, but not on me.

I asked Slabs and Kramstable what they thought and, of course, they both preferred different ones. So I’m waiting for the others to come in and see if that makes a difference.

I woke up on Thursday morning feeling absolutely terrible. I’d had a sore throat on Wednesday and done a covid test, which was negative, but this wasn’t a sore throat feel, it was completely in my head. According to the helpful symptom chart the government has to help you distinguish between covid, a cold and the flu, every symptom I had was in the “cold” list. None of my symptoms were covid symptoms so, combined with the negative test, I was fairly confident what I was dealing with was indeed a cold and that I hadn’t left a trail of covid behind me on Wednesday.

What followed was three days of not being able to do anything other than rest, read books and sleep. That would have been a really nice way to spend three days if I hadn’t felt so terrible.

I felt well enough on Sunday to do my TAFE assignment, which required Kramstable’s assistance. I had to actually deliver the lesson plan I designed last week to a real (or case study) learner. Kramstable did a great job role playing my case study person and I am so grateful to him for helping me with this.

What did I want to do this week?

  • Tweak my morning routine
  • Finish TAFE assignment 3B
  • Work on TAFE assignment 3C (and 4A if I get the opportunity)
  • Work on the 4000 Weeks blog post
  • Do the final part of the daily pause blog series
  • Work on Mindspot week 4 activities
  • Work on the Deep Work toolkit

Did I do it?

I did finish assignment 3B (thing 8) and I had a phone session with one of the Mindspot therapists (thing 1) to talk about a question I had about one of the activities. That was reassuring. As for the rest of this week, I did some work on the 4000 Weeks post but everything else got put on hold because I was sick.

I’m okay with that. I’m not going to push myself when I’m sick just because there’s things on my to-do list.

22 for 2022 summary

  • Things completed to date: 5 (10, 11, 13, 18, 22)
  • Things completed this week: 0
  • Things I worked on this week: 3: (1, 8, 21)
  • Things in progress: 4 (1, 8, 12, 21)
  • Things not started: 13 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20)
Autumn leaves in the foreground in front of power lines and a power pole
A photo experiment

What do I want to do next week?

Next week I want to take care of myself and not rush myself back into my routines. The only thing I really have to do, besides submit the completed assignment 3B, is to work on the next TAFE assignments.

I also need to remember to pay my tax bill.

Weekly summary

What I’m reading this week

  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman
  • Modern Instances: The Craft of Photography by Stephen Shore
  • Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore
  • Photography: The Definitive Visual History by Tom Ang
  • Why You Like This Photo by Brian Dilg

Habit tracker

  • Days I went for a walk in the morning (Goal = 7): 3 then I got sick
  • Days I did my morning planning routine at work (Goal = 2): 2
  • Days I did controlled breathing (Goal = 7): 7
  • Days I did jaw stretches (Goal = 7): 0
  • Days I did my post-work pack up routine (Goal = 2): 2
  • Finish work by 5.30 (Goal = 2): 2
  • Days I worked on my art (Goal = 2): 3
  • Days I read a book (Goal = 7): 7
  • Days I went for a walk or did other physical activity in the afternoon (Goal = 5): 3 then I got sick
  • Days I shut my computer down before 9.30 (Goal = 6): 5
  • Weekly review at work: No (I wasn’t at work!)
  • Weekly review at home: Some of it
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