Walk in her shoes wrapup

Walk In Her Shoes is over for 2015. I’ve had a great time taking part, despite the blisters or callouses or whatever they are causing me some problems over the week. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but maybe if I walk a bit less in some different shoes they might settle down.

I hadn’t really been keeping track of my cumulative steps over the week. I knew that if I averaged a bit over 26,000 steps a day I’d beat my 2014 total of 183,214 steps.

In the end I did more than 27,000 steps each day.

  • Monday: 29,299
  • Tuesday: 29,226
  • Wednesday: 27,474
  • Thursday: 27,050
  • Friday: 27,315
  • Saturday: 31,640
  • Sunday: 27,605

Grand total: 

With a stride length of 65 cm, I calculate this to be a bit under 130 km for the week.

I didn’t know my running total until I started writing this post and added all the days up. If I’d known yesterday, you can imagine what Competitive Me would have been saying.

But . . . All the times I didn’t keep going just that little bit further means that there are things Competitive Me can aim to do next year. Wasn’t that thoughtful of me.

My fundraising total so far is $910, well above my $500 target. Thank you everyone who has sponsored me and sent me messages of support over the week. I’ve appreciated knowing you’ve been behind me, especially on those days it was difficult to get myself out the door. Thank you!

Walk In Her Shoes is a fantastic challenge.

I love the idea of walking so other women and girls don’t have to. I’ve said it before, but the thought that there are girls and women who miss out on getting an education because they have to walk to get water and other basics for their families has been my main motivation. Having sore feet is a pretty minor complaint in comparison.

CARE’s website has several stories of women in some of the communities they work with, and if you’re interests in finding out more you can find them here.

The fundraising pages are open until 30 April, so I’m sure CARE would welcome more donations if you’d like to contribute. My page is here.

Now I know you’ll be wondering what happened to my walking buddy Zoe. She was pretty good coming with me during the week, but she disappeared over the weekend. Well she’s very small, so an almost 3 hour walk on Saturday was asking a bit much. Imagine if I’d lost her! Plus she was needed to be one of the ghost children in Coraline.

On Sunday she somehow found my Barbie’s box of clothes and wanted to go dancing.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 24 Zoe edit

So she’s fine, and all is well. I survived and am looking for the next challenge.

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