Walk In Her Shoes – Day 7

Well, this is it – the end of a journey that started back in January when I signed up to do CARE Australia’s Walk In Her Shoes Challenge for the second year.

Since then I’ve been gradually increasing my daily step goal from 13,000 in January to 25,000 for the week of the challenge. I originally set a daily goal of 20,000 steps, but I really wanted to beat my 2014 step total over the week of 183,214 steps. So to do that I’d have to do just over 26,000 steps a day.

My other goals were to beat my longest walk from last year of 12.21 km. Then I said bugger it, I want to walk 15 km. And we know what happened there. My other goal was to walk 6 km in less than an hour.

Today was Day 7 of the challenge, and I’m happy to say I walked at least 25,000 steps every day. I’ll know my final total tomorrow, but I feel confident I’ve eclipsed that 183,214 target. And I achieved my other two goals as well. *Happy dance*

So instead of going on about steps and stats (I’ll do that tomorrow), today I thought I’d post some photos from my walk this morning. After about an hour I got sick of Runkeeper and turned it off. I just wandered around, taking photos. I even ran for a bit because I think I miss running.

I walked up the same street three times trying to get a decent shot of the sunrise.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 05 Sunrise

Autumn is in the air, but it was hard to find a scene that would prove it.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 09 Autumn

We have mist.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 11 Mist

The river looks beautiful with the mist.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 13 Derwent

Then we get to the top of the hill.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 14 Mist

And we get a great view from here.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 15 Derwent

Both ways, up and down the river.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 17 Derwent

I love this one from the Esplanade. The three dots in the middle of the picture are ducks I didn’t even realise were there until they flew past me.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 18 Derwent

I tried to get a decent photo of this spider’s web, but it didn’t quite work out. The phone camera does have its limits.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 22 Derwent

Finally, I’m sure you want to know which leggings I was wearing today to round out my week of leggings.

20150322 WIHS Day 7 23 Leggings

It’s been a great journey, and I felt really happy this evening when Juniordwarf said he’d donate $20 of his savings to my fundraising. I didn’t want to pressure him, but just explained what I’d been doing and why. He said he wanted to help the people that CARE helps, and said he’d contribute. It was a lovely moment.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting up early to go for a walk because I don’t want to break the habits I’ve been building up over the last two months, but I can guarantee I won’t be doing anything near 25,000 steps.

My fundraising page is here if you’d like to contribute, and I’ll be doing a final post next week on my total step count and my thoughts about taking part in the challenge this year. There might also be a report on what Zoe’s been doing, since she seems to have abandoned me!






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