P365 – Day 262 – flowers (19/09/2011)

Our last day.

Juniordwarf, Slabs and I went to Floriade, Canberra’s annual spring festival, with Grandma.








We had a couple of hours there. Juniordwarf loved smelling the flowers, even the ones that weren’t scented.


In amongst the stalls was the Chilli Factory, home of ‘the world’s hottest chilli’. They had free tastings, so I went straight for the ‘Devil’s Delirium’, which ranked 14/10 in hotness – but they actually have an ever hotter one. That pretty much killed my taste buds for the rest of the tasting. Slabs approached it more sensibly and started with the milder ones before attempting the hot one.

Juniordwarf went on a ride and on the jumping castle before it was time to go.
We went out for lunch and Juniordwarf had raw salmon sushi as they didn’t have any smoked salmon. He started eating it with a little squirt of soy sauce, then a mouthful. Despite his penchant for nuggets and chips, we’re really pleased with how he’s starting to try different types of food.

After than we spent a few more hours with Grandma and Grandad, then headed off to the airport on our way home.


Somehow Juniordwarf managed to stay awake not only for the whole flight, but also on the drive home, and he had his latest bed time ever, about 10.30.

Then we could collapse too.
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