30 days alcohol-free: day 5

Day 5 (4 June): 30 days alcohol-free is the first of a series of 30-day challenges that will make up my #steppingonthecracks project. I’m starting out with a small habit change that shouldn’t take a lot of time to do, and next week I’ll start getting ready for the first substantial challenge.

So first up, a month without alcohol. The first three days weren’t too bad. I’ve been trying, not always successfully, to make weekdays alcohol-free days, mainly because I found that drinking on a school night was contributing to me staying up way too late. This would throw me out the next day, make me more tired and had started to become a pattern that was self-reinforcing.

Weekends I expect to be harder because my habit is to have a few drinks those nights, stay up a bit later and take things a bit easier. Sundays have traditionally been Farm Bar days, which probably would have been agonising. Lucky for me they’re on a winter break.

I survived my first Friday quite easily in the end, despite Slabs returning from a work trip with some tempting products. They’ll be all the better when I’ve had to wait a few weeks for them!

Now for Saturday. Four days down, 26 to go!


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